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China Mobile Science and Technology Museum holds exhibition in Suzhou

2023-03-31 15:59


Photo taken on Mar. 29 shows students carefully watching the exhibits at a touring exhibition held by the China Mobile Science and Technology Museum at Dongzhongshi Experimental Primary School in Suzhou’s Gusu District.

With the theme of “experiencing science”, the exhibition features 19 exhibits focusing on such topics as sound and light, electromagnetism, movement, mathematics, and digital life. Visitors can participate in science activities, where they can enjoy the joy of sciences. This is the first time for the China Mobile Science and Technology Museum to hold an exhibition in Suzhou.

The “mobile science and technology museum” project, which was launched in June, 2010 by the China Association for Science and Technology, is implemented by the China Science and Technology Museum. The mobile science and technology museum possesses basic functions that excellent museums have. With modularized exhibits and other science materials, it holds touring exhibitions to spread science knowledge and raise science awareness among citizens, especially young people.

The exhibition is organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Science Popularization Service Center and the Gusu District Science and Technology Association under the guidance of the China Science and Technology Museum and the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Association.

Source: Suzhou Municipal People's Government

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