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Taicang celebrates 30th anniversary

2023-03-31 15:27

6424eac9a3103705f968ec6c (1).jpgTaicang, a county-level city in East China's Jiangsu province, celebrates the 30th anniversary of its designation from a county to a city on March 28, 2023. [Photo provided to]

Taicang, a county-level city in East China's Jiangsu province, held a celebration for the 30th anniversary of its designation from a county to a city on March 28.

The celebration also marked the 30th anniversary of German enterprises establishing facilities in Taicang.

Steven Chu, Nobel laureate in physics, and prominent physicist Vincent Yuan sent congratulatory video messages to Taicang on its milestone event.

Suzhou Mayor Wu Qingwen said that Taicang has made remarkable achievements in economic development, reform and opening-up, cooperation with German enterprises, as well as in the improvement of people's well-being over the past 30 years.

Wu added that he hopes Taicang will sustain efforts to bolster its pillar industries and make further contributions to Suzhou's efforts to become a pioneer of the Chinese path to modernization.

Wang Yupeng, deputy director of the European Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that Taicang has made significant strides in promoting Sino-German economic and trade cooperation over the past 30 years. He expressed his hope that Taicang will play a major role in advancing the healthy development of bilateral economic and trade ties.

Pit Heltmann, consul general of Germany in Shanghai, said that Taicang is currently home to 478 German companies largely due to its friendly business environment.

Wang Xiangyuan, Party chief of Taicang, said that the city will take advantage of its geographical location to bolster its industries and improve people's well-being.

Authorities released 10 major events, and awarded prizes to 10 enterprises and 10 German friends that have made significant contributions to Taicang's development.

They launched a photo exhibition displaying the economic growth and social progress made by Taicang over the past 30 years, as well as an exhibition hall showcasing Sino-German cooperation.

Shanghai International Studies University signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Suzhou municipal government and the Taicang government at the conference.

Agreements on 45 projects, with a combined investment of 67.14 billion yuan ($9.74 billion), were signed at the conference.

Attendees visited the photo exhibition at the Taicang Museum.


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