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Suzhou revs up construction of major cultural, tourism projects

2023-03-17 17:14

Suzhou will have a series of cultural and tourism projects constructed this year.

Suzhou Huamao Cultural Innovation Center

Location: Gusu District

640.jpgWith a total floor area of around 230,000 square meters, the Center will boast an art museum, a classical garden-themed commercial block, a boutique hotel, a Grand Canal dock, a cultural art square and many other cultural spaces and forms.

Yangtze River Cultural Corridor·Zhangjiagang Bay Cultural and Tourism Integration Project

Location: Zhangjiagang


Covering an area of 666,700 square meters, the project is comprised of Yongxing Ecological Park, land and water sightseeing belts, an ancient street along the Yangtze River, a folk custom and snack street, a modern cultural innovative street, and four distinctive cultural and tourism districts.

Changshu Hongdou Resort Health and Wellness Tourism Project

Location: Changshu

640 (1).jpg

The project boasts an area of 1.334 million square meters and will be equipped with tourism facilities. Moreover, it will have 10 sightseeing sites, 22 recreational activities, B&Bs with five different themes, hotels , and many other leisure items.

Taicang Rothenburg Germany-style Cultural and Tourism Zone

Location: Taicang

640 (2).jpg

Encompassing 84,000 square meters, the Zone consists of Maritim Hotel, FC Bayern Football Club Experience Hall, 1886 Germany-style Drive-in Restaurant.

Taihu Suzhou Bay Resort Land

Location: Wujiang District

640 (3).jpg

Situated in East Taihu Lake Ecological Tourism Resort in Wujiang, Suzhou, the Land has an area of 466,900 square meters, and will include hotels, indoor and outdoor water amusement parks, large-scale hot spring halls, and commercial streets on water.

Bicester Village Suzhou

Location: SIP

640 (1).png

Based on the current scale of 200 shops, Bicester Village Suzhou will add dozens of boutique shops to attract more famous brands at home and abroad and provide supporting services like VIP hands-free shopping.

Suzhou Shishan Cultural Square

Location: Huqiu District

640 (4).jpgThe 809,100-square-meter space will have Suzhou Museum West, Suzhou Science and Technology Museum Industrial Exhibition Hall, Suzhou Shishan Grand Theater, and Shishan Park. Meanwhile, cultural tourism resources such as Shizishan Mountain and Tianshi Lake with be integrated with historical endowments.

Suzhou Amusement Park Forest World

Location: Huqiu District

640 (5).jpg

The Forest World is 42,000 square meters in area, containing Children's Land, an aquarium, and themed theaters.

Jinji Lake East Bank Construction Project

Location: SIP

640 (6).jpg

The project is to build the east area of Jinji Lake that stretches for 3.86 kilometers. Cultural and tourism business, transportation, landscape planting, public supporting facilities, cultural and tourism facilities will be upgraded. Key constructions include Jinji Lake Ferris Wheel, Zhonghuan Square and hotels.

Suzhou Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone Digital Culture Industrial Base

Location: Wujiang District

640 (2).png

The project will build a digital art museum and a digital culture industrial base with different functions, and set up a brick-and-mortar store of BOE, a digital service provider.

Tickets for "Pier Paolo Pasolini Film Exhibition" are on sale today. Scan the QR code to buy tickets.

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