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National Health Commission: All febrile patients to be tested​

2020-12-10 14:31

According to the notice posted on the official website of National Health Commission (NHC) on Monday (December 7), eligible township hospitals and community sanitation service centers shall establish special clinics for febrile patients.

All medical institutions at grassroots levels are instructed to strictly sort out patients and perform as the “sentry post” to detect potential COVID-19 cases, as the notice specifies.

The notice specifies the following requirements.

・The fever clinics should strictly implement the First Diagnosis Responsibility System and guarantee that each and every patient with fever have the access to medical treatment.

・All patients who are seeking medical treatment at fever clinics should register with valid ID or scan the “Health Code”.

・Local health institutions should conduct nucleic acid tests and routine blood tests for all patients. Medical institutions that can’t carry out nucleic acid tests should cooperate with other institutions or third-party testing agencies to offer testing services to patients running a fever.

・Local health institutions should improve their ability in early diagnosis and infectious disease detection. The patients with infectious diseases who are in need of centralized treatment should be transferred to designated hospitals immediately and registered and reported as per relevant regulations.

・Grassroots medical institutions are required to report the cases where the diagnoses are unclear and the possibilities of infectious diseases cannot be ruled out. Such patients should be kept in quarantine and their transferring to other hospitals or discharging should be subject to approval.

・The patients who have shown severe symptoms or whose conditions are worsening rapidly should be transferred to the hospitals that can provide adequate medical treatment in due time.











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