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No. 22 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou

2020-11-23 17:48

To strengthen the health management of travelers who are coming or returning to Suzhou from medium-risk and high-risk areas, consolidate the city’s efforts in long-term epidemic prevention and control and guard against a resurgence of the epidemic, this notice hereby species the followings:

1. Carry out self-declaration. For those who are coming or returning to Suzhou from medium-risk and high-risk areas during the past 14 days (including transit passengers), they shall report to local residential communities and their employers in due time and cooperate with such epidemic prevention and control measures as information registration, nucleic acid tests, concentrated quarantine and medical observation.

2. Strengthen the screening of relevant personnel. Local governments shall improve local epidemic prevention and control team, double down on community screening and improve medical management work as per national-level, provincial-level and municipal-level regulations. Currently, those who are coming or returning to Suzhou from low-risk areas in the provinces (municipalities or autonomous regions) with medium-risk or high-risk areas are required to submit negative nucleic acid test results issued within the past seven days; they shall be subject to information registration and health management conducted by local residential communities and their employers. For those who fail to submit negative nucleic acid test results issued within the past seven days, they shall take nucleic acid tests in due time and receive quarantine at designated places until test results come out; if they are tested negative for COVID-19, they will then be allowed to travel within Suzhou in an orderly manner.

3. Reduce the risk of infections. We call on all citizens to pay serious attention to the situation in medium-risk and high-risk areas and avoid traveling to those areas unless it’s a must. Those who urgently need to go to those areas shall travel with proper self-protection and report to local residential communities and their employers right after they return to Suzhou; they shall observe relevant epidemic prevention and control regulations.

4. Enhance the awareness of self-protection. We call on all citizens to keep good hygiene habits such as wearing face masks (especially when using public transport and visiting public places), washing hands often, ventilating rooms routinely and keeping social distance. Besides, citizens shall cooperate with body temperature check and health code verification when entering or exiting railway stations, ports and other public places.

5. Pay attention to health conditions. Citizens shall seek medical treatment at a fever clinic nearby as soon as possible when symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue occur and inform medical practitioners of their whereabouts and contact history over the previous 14 days. Keep the mask on and avoid using public transport when seeking treatment.

The latest update on Covid-19 risk level:

As of November 22, there was one high-risk area and nine medium-risk areas across the Chinese mainland.

High-risk area:

Tianjin Dongjiang Port Area (one): Kanhaixuan Residential Compound

Medium-risk areas:

Tianjin Binhai New Area (two): Hangu Subdistrict, Cold Chain Logistics Area A and Area B in the Central Fishing Port Economic Zone

Shanghai Pudong New Area (four): Yingqian Village, Zhuqiao Town; Mingtianhuacheng Residential Compound, Zhoupu Town; Xinsheng Residential Compound, Zhuqiao Town; Shunhe Road 126 Alley Residential Compound Zhangjiang Town

Yingshang County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province (one): Zhangyang Community (Shencheng Town)

Manzhouli City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (two): Dongshan Subdistrict Office and Beiqu Subdistrict Office

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Prevention and Control Headquarters

November 22, 2020












天津市浜海新区(2つ): 浜海新区漢沽街、中心漁港ゴールドチェーン物流区A区とB区;






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